August 2011

Crazy storm flew into Chicago yesterday… not sure which one more exciting… the Air Force’s or mother nature’s that delayed the Air & Water Show for 2 hours.  Glad I had a front row seat for both!











The walk through the forest down to the beach was part of the fun during our recent camping trip, but the highlight was running down the sand dunes to Lake Michigan!









Enjoyed a night at the Victorian Village Resort in Elkart Lake, WI,  a charming old resort town, 2 1/2 hours from Chicago.My father-in law remembered coming here as a kid.  Charming vacation spot on a crystal clear lake… whole family had a blast!  Staff entertained guests with their own Broadway musical revue show… felt like it was straight out of Dirty Dancing… adorable!

Cover of a new graphic novel? Nope, it’s part of the Art Institute’s new exhibit of pre-WWII Soviet posters. Great history lesson for a teen or tween.