It’s the one day a year when lederhosen & dirndles are cool… Chicago’s Von Steuben Day Parade. Wunderbar!


Baron Friedrich von Steuben came to this country as a volunteer offering his services to General George Washington and is said to have converted the revolutionary army into a disciplined fighting force, instilling in them much needed inspiration, confidence and competence.



Here in Chicago, we honor his efforts with beer, brats and pretzels.



The highlight of the festivities was an appearance by my favorite local band- the Polkaholics!!



I can’t believe I was only a few feet from them. It’s hip to be square! No, I’m not referring to the lovely child below, but the rockin’ band.


Speaking of the child, I just couldn’t resist! ┬áIn honor of General von Steuben, I dressed my daughter in the latest German fashion. Do you think she’ll ever forgive me?